Be responsible
Fulfill our duties, have the courage to take responsibility, establish a correct world outlook, respectevery employee, and strive to realize the common values of individuals and enterprises.
Make progress
Actively cultivate, createlife with scientific methods in ordinary posts, become a positive one, and constantly improve ourselves with a positive attitude.

Every employee should work happily,share the joy of harvest, constantly surpass himself and realize his outlook onlife.
Customer satisfaction concept
The consistent pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction, high-quality customer service , high quality products, fair price and continuous innovation of air suspension products make us a leading expert in air suspension system.

Perfect quality

We consider ourselves a company 

with uncompromising quality standards.

Each product can be sold to our

 customers only after we strictly check it.

It can perfectly replace OE products

and enjoy the same quality as the original parts.

Trust and Cooperation
As an expert in the air suspension product market, we are qualified 

to help you solve any air suspension 

problems you may meet. Please feel

free to contact us for expert advice 

and support from our technical team.

All employees uphold these three basic corporate values,which are the foundation of our corporate culture: that is,adhering to the spirit of responsibility, progress and sharing, actively learning advanced skills, applying them to the automotive industry, mastering leading technologies, focusing on automotive parts, respecting each other and sharing achievements, so that more people can benefit from the development of automotive Science and technology.